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3 Silent Killers of Small Businesses – Don’t Let This Happen to You

Most of the businesses we work with succeed, but that’s not always the case. Recently a Pilates and Yoga studio owner had to close her doors in the Bronx, New York. Not because of slow sales, and because of a lack of interest from customers. It was 3 simple but deadly things that brought a business with a lot of potential to its knees. What happened and what can we all learn from it?

1. Answer your phone
Anytime a potential customer called the phone number on the company website they were met with 4 rings and a request to leave a voicemail. Are you serious? In today’s day and age when a customer had her and a dozen other options to do business with she don’t take advantage of them reaching out and requesting more information from her business?

And it’s not just this one company. 80% of the companies that come to us with slow sales growth have a common problem of not picking up their phone. Most will tell us that they’re too busy working or making money to always answer the phone. This may be true, but it will still shut down a business quicker than anything. Some alternatives could be to hire an answering services, pay a stay-at-home mom or dad $4 for every phone call they answer for you. There are options.

If you fall into this category believe me when I say you can increase your sales by up to 10-20% automatically by simply being the one business out of five the customer calls that will answer the phone and give them the help they need.

2. Slow Follow Up
A cousin to the “Answer Your Phone” problem, a lot of businesses miss out on revenue simply because they wait too long to get back to those voicemails and email requests. One of the ways we helped the Pilates studio was by adjusting her website so it was easier for customers to use a web form to request prices quotes, class times and other information. These emails were sent directly to the owner’s inbox (we know because we copied ourselves on every email so we knew exactly how many she received). This business was getting between 4-7 email requests each week from prospective new students. But tragically the owner waited hours and sometimes days to get back to them. Even worse, even though the email included the customer’s phone number, the owner would simply email them back instead of reaching out and making a sale via the phone. This was yet one more nail in the business’ metaphorical coffin.

3. Lack of Engagement
Everyone has been through the experience of starting to exercise more, but then life and laziness take over and the next thing you know you’re right back on the couch instead of in class sweating your way back into shape. Too much of this happened for the studio customers as well. People would show up for a class, maybe 2 or three. And then drop off the face of the Earth. The owner could have increase her retention rates if she gamified her services to encourage loyalty and repeat business. By “gamification” I mean turn her customer’s experience into more of a challenge like a game versus simply a business transaction. She could have partnered with a local smoothie business and offered a smoothie her own company would pay for when a student came to 5 classes in a row, she could have branded shirts, gym bags and cell phone cases to create a culture where students weren’t just customers, but rather a part of an exclusive group; one that thrived on the students supporting each other and looking forward to being with one another. In short, what she offered was just, well, a bunch of Pilates and Yoga classes and that’s it, then everyone has to go home. What would have helped her bottom line was a dose of engagement to help retain and maintain the customers she had.

We all know running a business is tough, but it’s really not as hard as we make it out to be. Sometimes all we need a little dose of common sense and huge helping of imagination to turn a sagging business into a profitable one.

If you’d like to have more customers reach out to you to request your products and services be sure to call us at (520) 225-0123, or visit us online at Thanks for listening.

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She Got Tired of Paying for Google Ads so she did this instead

You’ve probably been there. Business could be a little better, you could use a few more clients a month, you know billions of people use Google every day, so you give Google Adwords one more try. Weeks or months later when you haven’t gotten a single call or the ROI simply doesn’t exist you wonder what the heck you’re missing.

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone. Donna is the owner of a house cleaning company and she went through the same thing. Although Google and marketing companies that make their money pushing Adwords always tout the benefits, few of us have ever met someone that actually make money with it. After dumping a small fortune into Adwords and getting a minimal return, Donna took matters into her own hands.

It started when she found a free website called Goldmine. When she entered her business information it sent her a report that showed her all the business categories she specialized in that her competitors were ignoring. This was huge because either her competitors didn’t know that so many customers searched for these services on a monthly basis, or they didn’t know how to reach them. Either way, Donna saw this as the opportunity she’d been waiting for.

After reading through the report she followed the suggestions it gave her and adjusted her website so it would attract customers looking for the niche, low competition services Goldmine told her about. And it worked. Almost immediately her phone began ringing from customers interested in “move-out house cleanings”, “rental property maid service” and other niches she can dominate. Now Donna has inbound sales leads that she doesn’t have to pay for, and her days of relying on Adwords are over.

If you’re interested in what opportunities you can take advantage of, be sure to visit


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It’s Kinda Scary How Much Money His Business Makes Without Advertising

Ok, so I get asked all the time why I always seem to get new customers when I don’t really advertise or spend money on advertising. I get asked this so much I decided to just make a quick video so I can show every one at the same time. So, what’s my secret? There are 2 things I do. The first is kind of funny because is it’s really common sense, the second is the something I found. So my first secret is I check my email every 30 min. And if you’re like most of the people I’ve told this to you’re probably saying, “what? What are you talking about, what difference does that make?”

I learned a while ago that businesses like mine, and I’m pretty sure this goes for just about everyone no matter the business they’re in, don’t respond very fast to customers who ask for estimates and quotes. It was after I got my 10th customer who actually told me, “you’re the only person who called me back,” or “you were the first one to call me so I decided to go with you”, that’s when it hit me.

Literally the fastest business to call back or follow up will make the sale. It’s almost too simple to be true. That’s the first part. So, what am I checking my email for? That’s the second part. In the video you’ll see my email box as it is right now. All of the leads you see came to me in the past 2 years, and I’ve received over 1200 of them. These are potential customers who come to me, I don’t advertise for them. That’s my second secret,

It’s a website I found called Goldmine, its pretty cool because it’s free and all I had to do is go to and put my business information into the form and it sent me a report that told me exactly what I needed to do to get more of the hundreds of customers that my competitors were pretty much ignoring.

These are customers who were searching for the “niche” way of finding a business like mine. For example, instead of searching for a very popular term like “tile cleaning” they’d search for “travertine tile cleaning”. To me its the same service but to them its a specific type of service, and one that my competitors were not pursuing, but I could thanks to the report.

I like it because it gives me everything I need to make the sale, the person’s name, phone, what they’re looking for, so, really all I need to do is call. So that’s it, pretty much, I just went to that site, found out what everybody else was ignoring and I check my email 2 or 3 times an hour. Soooo, hope that helps. Bye.

It's kinda scary how makes money without advertising

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