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What’s the Best Way to Expose a Marketing Fake?

“Experts” will try to impress you by throwing buzzwords at you. They might try to wow you with their knowledge of the hottest trends or the latest marketing fads. Our advice is to get past the typical “look at how smart I am” song and dance and get to what is important. You. What does he/she know about your company, your industry and your potential customers. If they haven’t taken the time to learn about you and what you do, then they probably aren’t right for you.


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The #1 Lie Marketing Gurus Tell Clients

Question: What is the #1 Marketing Gurus Tell Their Clients?
Answer: “Social Media is the Future of All Marketing and I’m a Social Media Expert”

Because social media is the hot topic of the day you’ll often meet desperate marketing professionals who try to portray themselves as “experts in social media”. You’ll recognize them because they’ll tell you how much you need a Facebook page and that you have to tweet X number of times a day. But the reality is that this is not always true.

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If your business offers a product or service that is bought once in a while and used once in a while, then spending tons of money and time on social media could hurt you. Because let’s be frank, although a carpet cleaner or plumber may THINK they need to be on Facebook, how many people ACTUALLY want to follow businesses like these? Social media success is dependent on engagement and keeping people’s interest. So the big question is: are you involved in an industry that people just LOVE to learn more about.

For example, if your business offers a service that is a technique or is on-going pursuit, think of a golf instructor or a chef selling recipe books, then investing in social media could very well make sense because there’s a lot of people who have a genuine interest in these topics you cover and would want to continue hearing from you to keep learning more.


If you’re still wondering if social media would be right for you, try using Pathfinder. It’s a great free online marketing tool that will actually tell you if social media or another marketing method will be a good fit for your business. You can find it at It’s pretty simple. Enter your business information and you’ll receive a free report on what type of marketing methods work best for your kind of business and products. Bottom line, avoid Social Media roadies who are just trying to make a

buck by pretending to be an expert. Most of them just end up using it as another form of advertising, boring any visitors you would receive to tears. If they can’t articulate how social media will work to make you money, then they may be putting you on just to make a buck.


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