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How Does Google Work?

Have you ever wondered how Google decides which pages to show and why some pages never show at all? This graphic from the team at PPC Blog is a pretty good representation of the process. And remember, if you ever need your own system to get your business in front of more customers that use Google check out The Sales Formula 1 hour course at



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Should You Hire a Web Developer or Build Your Site Yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a web developer if you don’t have the time, skill, or knowledge to build your website yourself. This situation only becomes a problem when you pay money to people who either don’t know what their doing, or don’t have the skills to remain focused on your ultimate goal – attracting customers and making you money. Woman in front of store

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Internet Marketing

What is the most significant trend in Internet Marketing Today?

The most significant trend we see in Internet Marketing today is companies’ tendency to chase after trends. We always remind our clients and students to stay focused on what really matters:

1. What your customers are looking for
2. Offering them a solution to their problem once they find you.

Don’t chase after trends. Theres nothing wrong with social media, SEO and blogs (heck, you’re reading one now) but don’t believe any one of these is the end-all-be-all answer to your Internet Marketing challenges.

There’s good stuff on our home page:

Womain in a Store

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How to Reduce Your Internet Marketing Costs

Most businesses spend WAY too much money on monthly Internet marketing costs. From pay-per-click campaigns to phone directories, not only can the costs get out of hand, there often isn’t a return on the investment that justify the activity. What’s a business to do? Try a change of philosophy.

The Sales Formula strategy teaches businesses how to stop chasing after customers and start attracting people who are already searching for the services the business offers. It’s simple, but it works. Check out the new 1 hour course at


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