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Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed!!

Are you tired of marketing gimmicks that over-promise and under-deliver? The Sales Formula teaches you the internet marketing secrets that will turn your website into a referral generating machine!

Are you tired of spending too much money on marketing and advertising for too little results? Ask yourself this question: What is it you REALLY want? A huge advertising budget OR more customers? Of course you want more customers!! The problem is you have been convinced that you need to spend tons of money to get them. We reveal the internet marketing secrets that show you how to get found by the hundreds of customers already looking for you! At a ONE TIME price that is a FRACTION of what you spend EVERY MONTH!!

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What will you learn?

When you download The Sales Formula course you will learn several important skills that successful Internet professionals have been using for years to get their products and services in front of customers. These skills include:

  • Discovering Gold - In less than 5 minutes you'll be able to discover the most profitable ways that customers are searching for services like yours and how to take advantage of the opportunities that are being missed by your competitors.
  • Mystery Solved - You'll learn why most businesses don't get found by potential buyers and the simple steps you can take TODAY to put your products in front of more potential buyers and start increasing your inbound sales leads.
  • Money-Making Content - Discover what kind of content you should post and what it should include to convert more visitors into sales leads.
  • Mind Games - You'll learn how professionals use mind-hacking page layouts to increase the number of visitors that convert into sales leads.
  • The Right FORM-ula - We'll show you exactly HOW to rework your contact forms and turn them into sales tools that generate more leads for your business on a regular basis.
  • De-Mystifying Marketing - You'll learn how a few simple changes in your current website can start attracting more customers to your business without spending money on ads and direct mail campaigns.
  • The course takes less than 1 hour, and you'll learn A LOT MORE!
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A one-time low price to fit any budget.

Start getting more sales leads from the Internet without ad programs or consultants.

Does The Sales Formula Really Work?

JenniferI got immediate results
Dave's Experience

Dave is the owner of a painting company in Tucson, AZ. With the stress of having to keep several crews of painters who depend on him constantly busy, Dave was always hustling trying to find ways to get more customers. We met at a business mixer and told us about his challenges. We encouraged him to implement The Sales Formula principles into his website.

Within 2 weeks he went from having a website that brought no customers to his business to receiving 4 to 5 new requests for quotes each week and an increase in phone calls. Once he learned the formula Dave went back and implemented the formula for some of the other services he offers like popcorn ceiling removal and garage floor painting. It worked again. Now Dave keeps 3 crews working constantly and his business has skyrocketed because of a few simple adjustments he learned from The Sales Formula method.

"I had tried the pay-per-click ads and trusting strangers who called my phone promising me to be ranked at the top of every search engine - NONE of it worked. The Sales Formula is the only thing I've found that consistantly brings in new customers. And the best thing is that it doesn't cost me any money at all to implement."

Take a look at this screenshot of Dave's email inbox and see for yourself.

The Sales Formula works! 186 painting leads in 18 months. and even more for his garage floor coating, popcorn ceiling removal and additional services.

A marketing strategy that actually works

If you're like many entrepreneurs you've spent hours trying to find that combination of messaging, imagery and marketing that will attract new clients without spending a ton of money.

Now you'll finally get the answers you've been searching for.

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Advice is common. Solutions are rare.

You need more customers, not more advice or blog articles. The picture on the right is the actual inbox of one of our students who uses The Sales Formula principles every day. The results are a TON of inbound sales leads that she doesn't have to pay an ad company or marketing firm for. The Sales Formula is a great solution.

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A one-time low price to fit any budget.

Start getting more sales leads from the Internet without ad programs or consultants.

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