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Have you ever wondered why you don't get more business from the Internet?

There IS a secret to getting new customers. The Sales Formula is a simple marketing system customized to fit your business.

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So, does The Sales Formula actually work?

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Dave's Experience

Dave is the owner of a painting company in Tucson, AZ. With the stress of having to keep several crews of painters who depend on him constantly busy, Dave was always hustling trying to find ways to get more customers. We met at a business mixer and told us about his challenges. We encouraged him to implement The Sales Formula principles into his website.

Within 2 weeks he went from having a website that brought no customers to his business to receiving 4 to 5 new requests for quotes each week and an increase in phone calls. Once he learned the formula Dave went back and implemented the formula for some of the other services he offers like popcorn ceiling removal and garage floor painting. It worked again. Now Dave keeps 3 crews working constantly and his business has skyrocketed because of a few simple adjustments he learned from The Sales Formula method.

"I had tried the pay-per-click ads and trusting strangers who called my phone promising me to be ranked at the top of every search engine - NONE of it worked. The Sales Formula is the only thing I've found that consistantly brings in new customers. And the best thing is that it doesn't cost me any money at all to implement."

Take a look at this screenshot of Dave's email inbox and see for yourself.

The Sales Formula works! 186 painting leads in 18 months. and even more for his garage floor coating, popcorn ceiling removal and additional services.

The Sales Formula can work for virtually any business. All  we need are answers to some simple questions to start creating your custom marketing strategy:

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